Exhibition List 2018

7-9 September: Property Buyer Expo, Sydney, Australia.

15-16 September: Fair Media, Gothenburg, Sweden.

21-23 September: A Place in the Sun, Birmingham, UK.

22-23 September: SMART Property Investor Expo, Hong Kong.

22-23 September: Second Home, Brussels, Belgium.

28-30 September: Second Home, Utrecht, Holland.

29-30 September: Fair Media, Malmo, Sweden.

2-4 October: Cityscape Global, Dubai, U.A.E.

5-6 October: Property Investor & Homebuyer Show, Excel, London.

13-14 October: Fair Media, Stockholm, Sweden.

27-28 October: Fair Media, Helsinki, Finland.

Exhibition List 2019

26-27 January: Second Home, Maastricht, Holland.

15-17 February: Second Home, Ghent, Belgium.

8-10 March: Second Home, Utrecht, Holland.

15-17 March: A Place in the Sun, Manchester, UK.

1-3 April: Cityscape, Doha, Qatar, U.A.E.

12-13 April: Property Investor & Homebuyer, Excel, London.

16-18 April: Cityscape, Abu Dubai, U.A.E.

10-12 May: A Place in the Sun, London, UK.

18-19 May: Second Home, Antwerp, Belgium.

14-16 June: Property Buyer Expo, Brisbane, Australia.

19-21 July: Property Buyer Expo, Melbourne, Australia.


Global Sub-agency Network – Creation and/or expansion

The A-Team, as founders of Ocean Estates International, then subsequently Polar GMD, have a 30 year history of exhibiting at numerous international property investment exhibitions annually, all over the world.

This is in addition to our own highly successful road shows (click video).

David Newnes, Customer Services Director, Your Move and Alasdair Macdonald, Chairman, Ocean Estates International 13 January 2004.

A market leader in these exhibitions, in addition to giving a global presence and generating individual and investor multiple sales on an ongoing basis, gives the opportunity to recruit and train sub-agents for the developers and/or real estate agents Polar are promoting on behalf of.

This highly specialist field is designed to generate volume sales, which in turn delivers valuable repeat business.

Ongoing high profile global media coverage, so important in this consistently changing market of the latest technology, is an essential by-product to keep ahead of the competition.

Set-up and indoctrination, ongoing training, recruitment of same can be linked in with an exhibition/s programme.

When only the best will do

An unparalleled 30 year plus history of recruitment and training thousands of telemarketing personnel, sales executives, managers and directors, from small starter companies to international corporations. Polar can tailor a specific programme to suit your requirements, which can be monitored and expanded on an ongoing basis, if required.

Existing personnel and teams can be assessed and coached to a finite level.

Exceptional results required to compete in this most competitive of markets can be achieved.