Exhibition List 2017

11-12 November: Fair Media, Helsinki, Finland.

26-27 November: SMART Property Inv. Expo, Hong Kong Congress Centre, HK

Exhibition List 2018

3-5 February: Second Home Show, Ghent, Belgium.

17-18 February: Fair Media, Stockholm, Sweden.

23-25 February: Property Buyer Expo, Melbourne, Australia.

3-4 March: Fair Media, Gothenburg, Sweden.

8-10 March: Cityscape, Istanbul, Turkey.

17-18 March: Fair Media, Malmo, Sweden.

19-23 March: Cityscape, Doha, Qatar, UAE.

9-11 April: International Property show, Dubai, UAE.

17-19 April: Cityscape, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

20-21 April: Property Investor & Homebuyer Show, Excel, London, UK.

TBC May: A Place in the Sun, Olympia, London, UK.

TBC June: SMART Property Investor Expo, Hong Kong Exh. Centre, Hong Kong.

TBC July: International Real Estate Investment Expo, Tabiz, Iran.

TBC August: Cityscape, Seoul, Korea.


Platinum Collection


Top end villas and apartments.

How to list, promote and sell.

This top end market sector, of which a high proportion of real estate agents are promoting, it must be said with limited success, as basically they all seem to be employing similar marketing and sales techniques with little or no innovation.

Ocean Estates International, due to their unprecedented success in the top end of the market, were the first, and despite having no less than 10 offices throughout the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca, to open their own dedicated Platinum Collection Headquarters in 2003, based in Puerto Banus.

Subsequently, Polar’s experience in this most competitive of fields, especially in Marbella, is second-to-none and both for the developer and real estate agent, covers the whole spectrum of presentation, marketing and sales … you do not sell a Rolls Royce in the same manner or to the same market as a Mini. (Click to video)

When only the best will do

An unparalleled 30 year plus history of recruitment and training thousands of telemarketing personnel, sales executives, managers and directors, from small starter companies to international corporations. Polar can tailor a specific programme to suit your requirements, which can be monitored and expanded on an ongoing basis, if required.

Existing personnel and teams can be assessed and coached to a finite level.

Exceptional results required to compete in this most competitive of markets can be achieved.